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Case Study: YourPhysio

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Marcjon Nimmo

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Kind words from Anke, at Your Physio

Last year, my husband’s company has worked with nim on branding Adobe Booking and he recommended nim to brand my physiotherapy business. 

To begin with, I needed a name for my business and direction on what my business was going to be. Marcjon from nim flew down to Wanaka, armed with a naming workshop that we sat down over the course of two days and work through. In the end, we had a name for my business, brand values and proposition and I had a better understanding of what my business was going to be.

As well as the foundations for my branding nim created my identity, brand guidelines, stationery, advertising and online communications for my clinic and everything looks great! Lots of clients and friends like the identity and design work, they think it’s really well done; beautifully elegant and pretty cool, it’s just perfect!

I would definitely recommend nim to anyone who is looking to open a business or they want to grow their existing business and make it look awesome. Next up is our website, exciting times ahead for myself and YourPhysio. 

If I could describe nim in a few words I would have to say, visionary, creative and motivating.


Who is YourPhysio

YourPhysio is a Cromwell-based physiotherapy business, providing a fantastic service where people are looked after in a comfortable, positive environment. 

We believe in motivation, alleviation and rehabilitation. We specialise in Womens’ Health and Pelvic Floor Treatments. At YourPhysio our number one priority is our clients and their well-being. Our job is to get you back to fighting fit so you can go out and achieve your goals.

We care! We have found our clients are more receptive to a caring and comfortable environment as one of the motivation to become better. Our clients don’t just see us when things go wrong, we want them to be enjoying their lifestyles for as long as this world allows. We empower and encourage our clients to achieve their goals. With our skills and professional guidance, we motivate to get them there. Reach for the stars. 

We are looking to grow and extend the clinic by adding staff and space to offer a wider range of treatments. We currently treat patients from all stages of life; from children up to elderly with a wide variety of conditions. 

If you are looking for a Physio in Cromwell that cares for their clients then come and visit us at YourPhysio, 1A Trades Lane, McNulty Road, Cromwell.

Case Study: YourPhysio

Case Study: YourPhysio

Here are a few kind words from Anke at YourPhysio.

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