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Every business needs great design

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Marcjon Nimmo

Updated 2 months ago
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This might sound like a bit of a statement, but it's true. Every business can benefit from great design. In a visually-driven world businesses are constantly competing to stand out in the crowd. It makes sense that design plays a big part in giving businesses that competitive edge. 

So... how does design affect my business, well, here are three benefits that strong design has on every business.



In the early stages, brands need guidance, it's important that they maintain consistency. Strong communication and a high level of design are two major components in building a rapport and engaging with your customers. Look good, be consistent gain traction.



High-end design takes businesses to the next level and makes them more desirable to the outside world. Designers are the creative minds behind the clever, innovative thinking which produces mind blowing creative that makes your business stand strong. Great design instills trust, confidence and professionalism.


Competitive advantage 

Your audience make decisions based on price, service and convenience. So what if your business does the same as everyone else? How else can you stand out and improve your position relative to your competitors. Design! Design is proven to increase the value of a business and give you a competitive edge. 

These are the main benefits of good design for a business and you will agree all very important points. Quick question; Is your business looking and communicating effectively? If not and your competitors are increasing the gap then we have the tools to get you back in the race!


Design at your fingertips

Design on Tap is all about making our clients looking s*** hot in front of their clients. If you have a monthly budget for attention grabbing, brand image building and general client mind blowing then Design on Tap could work for your business. 

Imagine having the ability to let your ideas come to life straight after a conversation in the boardroom. You talk about a new product/service with your clients, you put a plan in place, then what? You need to market, advertise, sell and of course design.

Think about everything that is needed when promoting a new service/product. Brochures, flyers, advertising, web graphics, social media, packaging. Rather than run around getting quotes and having the same conversation over and over again, you just pick up the phone get us in for a meeting and start your project.

Design on Tap also benefits the smaller jobs that you need to get out the door ASAP. If you’re hiring a new employee and they need business cards, you send an email with necessary details and quantity and after proofing they are delivered to your door, simple. Little amends to your brochures, not a problem. Minutes come off your contract rather than you being charged a minimum hourly rate, so you will get the most out of your money.


In conclusion

In our experience we have found that after branding businesses there are a few things that need to be looked after in order for brands to grow and flourish. Design is one of them. Sometimes clients have decided to take this on themselves, hiring some with no understanding of their brand or the worse story we’ve heard was someone who employed a friends daughter because she knew how to use Corel Draw… needless to say things started to fall apart. Rather than pay for something twice is best to get it right first time. 


Let's have a chat about your design requirements. Email our brand consultant MJ at marc@nimcreative.com or call 022 684 0563.

Case Study: YourPhysio

Case Study: YourPhysio

Here are a few kind words from Anke at YourPhysio.

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