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Why should you use a
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Hello guys,

I’m Marcjon, the brand architect at nim creative. I attended an event this morning and I was asked a couple of questions then given a few minutes to tell people why they should use a brand agency for their business. I thought I would share it with you guys and girls today.

Our blog posts in the past have been very polished and professional, this one will be slightly different. Mainly because I’m writing it – our copywriters may cringe at the fact I’m doing this but – let’s give it a whirl. I’ll let them shout at me for misused commas, too many exclamation marks and my personal favourite, the odd smiley face :)

Let’s get this started. You have a business – for the sake of this post – farming, and you need to brand it. Now your business is doing well, you just feel the need to move with the times, get digital, look professional and position yourself as a front runner to the big fish of the world. Fair point. You go and get someone to produce a logo, some business cards and a flash, new website, then you’re good to go right? Hmmmmm… well, not really!


Ask yourself a question. Who’s more appealing? 

Farm one, “Farmer Fred’s Farm” sells locally and has the best produce around. Fred is a modest individual, doesn’t like to blow his own trumpet, and doesn’t consider his story to be a big deal. It’s just what he does. You talk to him or find him online and you can only find out what he sells and where you can get it. There is no mention of where it all began, his experience, the people who help him run things or the work he does helping the homeless by donating food once a month. Nothing. Fred is just a bloke on a farm supplying produce to the locals from the outside looking in.

Now, farm two, “Higgins & Sons”, a farm as Kiwi as a tyre swing hanging from a Pohutukawa tree, boasts decades of experience spanning over seven generations of Higgins’s, born and raised in the very same house their elders had built by hand. The original Mr and Mrs Higgins believed that through farming Kiwis could truly taste the very best of what their beautiful country can offer. They made it their lives’ work to pass down their skills and expertise to their children in order to keep providing New Zealanders with the best produce that the lush rolling hills of Canterbury had to offer.

The Higgins family are very active in the community, teaching the youth of today farming skills, providing venues for all local producers to come together and host a market day for the public – both in towns and regionally. Providing schools with fresh produce to promote clean eating and with their growth they are able to offer job opportunities. They appear in local tabloids, they have weekly blogs, they have promised to keep Kiwis fed for many more decades to come.

Both farms could do exactly the same thing, but who do you think people will notice? Who seems more dependable? Who would be more desirable to a market chain looking for new suppliers? What’s really the difference between the two? A story… a story that highlights values, a mission, forms a connection and acts on its values rather than just saying them.


The common misconception

Do not fall into the trap of thinking a logo and a website is a brand, these are simply necessities every brand or business has to have. In order to develop a brand your business goes under the microscope. The need to understand what you are out to achieve, how you get excited, how you can define your values and proposition and most of all build a story that will engage with your audience is crucial to creating a brand that can stand the test of time. 

This is where a branding agency comes in. We know all too well that businesses that have a logo and a website also have a life expectancy of three to four years before they need to rebrand or freshen up. Businesses with a solid brand adapt. Values, propositions, identities, they all stay the same it’s the surroundings that change. 

For example: part of Coca-Cola’s mission statement is “To inspire moments of optimism and happiness…” now if you think back to pretty much every Coke advert in history they all evoke happiness, excitement and some form of inspiration. Their identity doesn’t change, their values are the same, the thing that changes is the world. We are living in a socially-driven digital age, quickly moving into the age of automation and the Coke brand is able to adapt effectively while maintaining and reciting its core values and mission. Does a logo or a website do that? Sure, it’s part of it but not without everything else.


Why use a branding agency? 

People like us are here to tell your story, define your values and give your brand direction. We look to the future. We love innovation and we are born to create. You see where your business wants to be in five years, and we are the creatively, geeky, talented bunch of individuals that will help you get there.

We have the tools, knowledge and experience that you need to take your business to new heights believing the impossible is nothing but a space that’s not been created yet. To the Freds of the world that don’t think their story is that important, to you I say codswallop and poppycock. Every s*** hot brand stems from a s*** hot story.

Ask yourself, what’s yours?



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Case Study: YourPhysio

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