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We build brands that truly communicate. At nim we believe in
spinning a good yarn. We like to think of ourselves as
natural born storytellers.

Research and development

Knowledge is power and before we start anything our main objective is to study your competitors, understand the industry and most of all know how to communicate to your customers.

We like to be no-it-alls, makes it so much easier when it comes to creating brands that engage effectively.

Defining your foundations

Behind every strong brand are three key fundamentals; your values, your proposition and your why. We create and define these fundamentals in order for your brand to have solid foundations. 

Knowing your business inside and out is what helps us develop and tell a great story.

Creation and chaos

Armed with your key fundamentals we can begin the creation of your brand.

We lock our super creative branders, advertisers and copywriters in a room and coat the walls with awesomeness. Our brainstorming is not for the faint-hearted, be prepared to duck ad weave flying crayons and sharpies!

Red pen reviewing

Once the pencil shavings have settled and creative juices have come to rest and we've examined our creations from every angle, we invite you in for a debrief. 

This is your opportunity to tell us what you really think, we'll even give you a red pen to add comments directly to the work. Don't worry we're thick skinned, go nuts! Once we have your feedback the refining will begin.

Creating somewhere to live

Every brand needs a place to live, an environment to grow in, and a community to tell it's story to.

We are the architects that create the tangible and digital surroundings for your brand to live in. Now, it's time for brand to communicate on every platform. We now lock a lot of highly talented folk in a lot of different rooms and bring your brand to life.

Bring on the hype!

There's no point releasing a brand into the big wide world only to find out that nobody has heard about it. So, to make sure this doesn't happen it's time for us to build some hype.

30 days before the brand launch we put our social media pros on the case and begin the countdown and drum up a buzz. If you really want... we throw a mean brand launch party too.

Go live and have a jive

The big day. When we flick the go live switch your new brand will be alive and kicking ready for the world to see. 

Now... we recommend our clients have a get together and introduce their new brand to their existing and potentially new customer base. This has nothing to do with our love for throwing a good launch party. Just saying...

We have stablisers, just in case

Think of your new brand as a baby, as it grows it will begin to walk, but those early stages of its existence are when you need to watch out for wobbles.

We offer additional services to wobble-proof your baby brand. Brand management, digital and social marketing and high-end creative all ensure your brand maintains its professional standard.


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