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Every business needs great design, that doesn’t mean you need a full time designer. Just one as and when you need them.

What is Design on Tap

nim provides a high quality design service that gives you the luxury of a top-class creative without the full time salary. We can manage your day to day design needs and keep your brand looking sharp all the time.

Our design packages are developed to work with you. The flexibility allows you to choose how many hours you need and work with the budget you have for design time per month. This means that no time or money is ever wasted.

Why use Design on Tap

It's proven that businesses from all around the world benefit from strong design. You look professional, high-class, dependable and trustworthy. People are more willing to choose you if you look better than the other options. 

We have found that some businesses don't have the finances or even the need for a full time designer, which got us thinking. How can you manage your costs and still keep your image at a high level? Our solution; a product that delivers high-end creative as and when you need it.

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